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  • Do you provide Lunches & Snacks?
    2 snacks a day are provided as part of the tuition. Am & Pm Snack are included with tuition. Lunches can be purchased daily through our Snack Bar Portal. Snack Bar Portal > Families always have the option to pack or bring their own snacks and lunches if they choose.
  • Are you a Nut Free Campus?
    Yes, our campus is 100% nut free, and we strictly prohibit any peanut and tree nut products on our campus.
  • Where do I go for late drop-off/early pick-up?
    Please notify the office of plans, and go to the camp office for drop off after 9 am and pick up before 4 pm.
  • Does my child need to be bathroom trained to attend camp?
    Campers enrolled in camp for KPRep & Older programs must be fully and independently bathroom trained. Campers enrolled in younger preschool camps for ages 2-4 yrs, do not have to be fully potty trained. Students must be potty trained in order to be able to swim in the pool.
  • Can my child carry a cell phone?
    Children are not permitted to use personal cell phones, cameras, or any other electronic devices on our campus, as we are an “un-plugged” campus.
  • What do I do if I need to contact my child?
    You may call our Office (215) 348-7221, and we will connect you to your child.
  • What do we need to bring to camp each day?
    Please label all camper personal belongings! A great attitude! Backpack to keep personal belongings. Wear comfortable, washable clothing. Extra change of clothes, even without a chance of rain, clothing may get dirty, messy, wet, or sandy (include shirt, shorts, underwear, socks). Plastic or wet/dry bag to store wet or dirty clothes to not ruin backpack or other clothes. Sneakers or closed-toe shoes with rubber soles are required daily. Campers will not be allowed to participate in any outdoor activities unless proper footwear is provided. Sandals, flip flops, and open-toe shoes are not permitted, except at the pool. Lunch & 2 Snacks (AM/PM). Water bottle for daily use and refill. Bathing suit, wear under clothes to camp. Rashguard (recommended). Towel. Goggles. Hair brush. Sunscreen (see Sunscreen) Hat (for sun). Mask optional.
  • Where do I find items that my child may have lost at camp?
    We do our best to prevent the disappearance of items. If labeled, misplaced items found on campus will be given back to the camper. Parents & Guardians should check the lost and found at designated camp drop-offs for any missing items.


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