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With over 50 acres, Camp Curiosity offers a fun spin on the traditional camp experience that allows your camper to engage in a variety of activities focused on our four core areas:  Discover, Explore, Invent, and Create.



Camp Curiosity is a place where children can make memories and enjoy themselves.


We strive to provide educational opportunities and activities that encourage learning.


We work to create a sense of community amongst participants, fostering relationships between peers and adults.


We ensure that all participants are safe and secure in our environment.


We prioritize physical, mental, and emotional health through nutrition, exercise, and fun activities.


Camp Curiosity’s Aquatic Center is home to two swimming pools and water playground. Our main pool is a 25 yard, 5 lane lap pool with a 4-7 foot depth for grade level summer programs and lifeguard training courses.  Our low water instructional pool is 1-1/2 feet deep for campers in our Pre-K and Kindergarten summer programs to learn primary swimming skills without the fear of water depth or reliance on flotation devices. All pools are staffed, maintained, and supervised by American Red Cross certified and trained lifeguards and water safety instructor aquatics head. We do not permit flotation devices or diapers in our pools. 

Our water playground provides a fun way to get wet and cool off in the summer with water tables, sprinklers, and riding toys for our Younger Camp summer programs. 

Farm, Garden & Orchard

Our Farm Education Program provides our students and campers with opportunities to experience the farm we have right here on our campus. Children will do gardening projects, planting and harvesting, orchard apple picking, seasonal farm chores, farm animal science, care, and education.  

Indoor Gym

Camp Curiosity’s Indoor Gym is home to the Doylestown Pickleball Club with 5 lined pickleball courts and 2 lined basketball courts. This multipurpose indoor space can be used for everything from roller hockey to dodge ball, tennis to toppleball. It’s a great space to get out of the sun and snow, and provides a wonderful location for special events and guests!  

Pond & Stream

Camp Curiosity’s pond is stocked with a variety of fish, including large mouth bass, bluegills, and catfish.  Our pond is a wonderful place for natural aquatic life to grow and for our grade level campers to enjoy water activities such as fishing and boating with kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, and Corcl boats. We also have a stream that runs through the back woods on our campus which is home to crayfish,  minnows, and many other natural freshwater aquatic life. 

Sport Courts

Camp Curiosity has 3 outdoor and 1 indoor sport centers. Our outdoor courts include 16 pickleball courts, 2 basketball courts, 3 gaga courts, mini golf, and 1 roller hockey rink. Our indoor arena includes 5 pickleball courts and 2 basketball courts. 

Sport Fields

Camp Curiosity has 4 types of athletic field including full-size and mini soccer fields, football, baseball and softball, and volleyball.

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