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Kids Playing Tug of War


Camp Curiosity is the perfect place for kids of all ages to explore and discover! From our younger camp, where your tykes can try out new projects; to our older camp that challenges teens with more complex activities; plus a leadership program to help them master essential skills. Whatever their level or interest - Camp Curiosity has something fun they'll love!



Through a variety of sports, campers will have the opportunity to work together, learning and improving muscle strength and flexibility, gross motor skills, balance, hand-eye coordination, sportsmanship, and building self-confidence, as counselors and program instructors coach and cheer them on during team building games!  


Through outdoor skills and activities will engage campers in fun adventures to help develop and improve their knowledge and competence. These outdoor activities will help build confidence and improve memory, concentration, and patience while teaching good communication and social skills as campers work toward a common goal. 

Campers will also engage in daily STEM activities that inspire curiosity, invention, and innovation of new ideas. Creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving will have campers strengthening their concentration and memory as communication and working as a team is essential.


will abound as campers will be introduced to new art techniques through different mediums. Each art activity will allow campers to showcase their imagination and encourage them to express themselves. These projects will enhance creativity and self-confidence as they develop techniques of self-expression while improving fine motor skills.

Discover, Explore, Invent, Create … Camp Curiosity!


Curiosity Younger camp is geared toward children ages 2.5-5 and works closely with Curiosity Academy to foster creativity and learning. Each of our groups is organized by age which allows campers to have fun and participate in activities that are geared toward their abilities.

Kids Blowing Bubbles
Picnic After Camping


Curiosity Older Camp is geared for children in Grades 1-6. Each of our groups are organized by grade which allows campers to have fun and participate in activities that are geared toward their abilities.


Leadership Camp is an introductory leadership program for campers in Grades 7-8. The program blends leadership opportunities with a camper-style schedule, such as being assigned and guiding a group or specialty area supervised and led by staff.



See camp handbook for eligible discounts.


Every Friday at Camp Curiosity is a Fun Friday! Each week, we have a unique activity for the campers to enjoy, from classic Camp Curiosity campus-wide games such as Safari and Oregon Trail to all-day activities for all ages like Carnival and Pinewood Derby, ending the summer with Olympic Week.



  • Where do I go for late drop-off/early pick-up?
    Please notify the office of plans, and go to the camp office for drop off after 9 am and pick up before 4 pm.
  • Is there a minimum number of weeks we can register for?
    There is a two-week minimum for a summer camp out of the ten available weeks.
  • Do you offer half-day or part-week camp?
    Summer camp programming is 9 am- 4 pm and is five days, Monday - Friday (with an exception for the 4th of July week, Tues-Friday). You are welcome to pick up your camper early or miss a day, but they will miss out on the fun!
  • What if I need to make a schedule change?
    Email schedule change requests to Schedule changes after June 1st will be put on a waiting list and subject to a $25.00 schedule change fee.
  • Are masks required?
    Masks are optional. *Subject to change based on current events and CDC guidelines.
  • Is Camp Curiosity taking Covid-19 precautions?
    Yes, Camp Curiosity follows CDC guidelines and practices frequent cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Does my child need to be bathroom trained to attend camp?
    Yes, children enrolled in camp must be fully and independently bathroom trained 24/7. The preschool program (ages 2.5-4) is the only exception.
  • Can my child carry a cell phone?
    Children are not permitted to use personal cell phones, cameras, or any other electronic devices on our campus, as we are an “un-plugged” campus.
  • What do I do if I need to contact my child?
    You may call our Office (215) 348-7221, and we will connect you to your child.
  • Do you provide meals?
    No, lunch and two snacks must be provided by the parent.
  • Do you allow nuts?
    No, our campus is 100% nut free, and we strictly prohibit any peanut and tree nut products on our campus.
    Alumni Group - Nomads (Grades 7 & 8) *must be a previous Camp Curiosity camper.
    For our returning Curiosity campers entering Grades 7 and 8, campers will be a part of our introductory leadership program, the Nomads. The leadership program continues to focus on the four core areas of Discover, Explore, Invent, and Create and is designed to blend leadership opportunities with a camper-style schedule. During the first half of the day, campers will engage in group leadership activities and be assigned to assist and guide a group or at a specialty area with ending their day following a camper-style schedule. On Fridays, they will participate as campers in our Fun Friday event. The Nomads leadership program is for a returning camper who would like to begin to learn how to work with children and shows interest in taking on the additional responsibilities of being guides to fellow campers. Staff will provide support, lead, and help facilitate the transition from being a camper to a leader. To give a variety of camp experiences in the leadership portion of the program, their assignments will change and will be based upon a camper’s interest.
    The schedule is flexible and will vary with other activities. 8:00am-9:00am Drop Off 9:00 am Morning Welcome 🌞 9:40 am Outdoor Skills ⛺ 10:20 am Sports ⚽ 11:00 am Snack 🍎 11:40 am Swim Skills 🏊‍♀️ 12:20 pm Creative Arts 🎨 1:00 pm Lunch 🥗 1:40 pm Nature & STEAM 🧬 2:20 pm Free Swim 💦 3:00 pm Leadership Activity of the Week 🎉 3:40 pm Snack & Wrap-up 🍎 4:00 pm-5:00 pm Pick up
    Preschool - Trekkers (ages 2.5-3.5) Preschool- Rovers (ages 3.5-4) K-Prep - Mavericks (age 4) Kindergarten - Pioneers (age 5)
    Our Preschool camp groups, Trekkers and Rovers, will enjoy a rotating weekly schedule of activities that includes art, music, sports, STEAM, and a special activity. In addition, the campers will make a daily splash in our water playground, explore the outdoors, and have a daily afternoon nap and quiet time. Our K-Prep and Kindergarten camp groups, Mavericks, and Pioneers will participate in five daily activities, including art, STEAM, sports, nature walks, and a special activity. The campers will receive two swim times - morning instructional swim and afternoon free swim - to become safe, confident swimmers through learning foundational basic water safety and swimming skills.
    PRESCHOOL GROUPS Activities will be alternated daily. Schedules will differ by group. 8:00am-9:00am Drop Off 9:00am Morning Welcome 🌞 9:30am Snack 🍎 10:10am Activity of the Day 🎉 10:50am Change 🩱 11:30am Water Play 💦 12:10pm Lunch 🥗 12:50pm Outdoor Activity 🥾 1:30pm Nap 💤 2:30pm Classroom Activity 🧩 3:10pm Bathroom 🚽 3:30pm Snack/Wrap-up 🍎 4:00pm-5:00pm Pick Up K-PREP AND KINDERGARTEN GROUPS Schedules will differ by group. 8:00am-9:00am Drop Off 9:00am Morning Welcome 🌞 9:30am Snack 🍎 10:10am Sports ⚽ 10:50am Activity of the Week 🎉 11:30am Swim Skills 🏊‍♀️ 12:10pm Lunch 🥗 12:50pm Nature/STEAM 🧬 1:30pm Free swim 💦 2:10pm Bathroom/Change 🩱 2:50pm Creative Arts 🎨 3:30pm Snack/Wrap-up 🍎 4:00pm-5:00pm Pick Up
    First Grade - Rangers Second Grade - Scouts Third Grade - Navigators Fourth Grade - Explorers Fifth Grade - Pathfinders Sixth Grade - Trailblazers
    Our Curiosity Older Camp groups will participate in six daily activities including art, STEAM, sports, outdoor skills, aquatics, and a special activity. The campers will receive two swim times - morning instructional swim and afternoon free swim - to become strong, safe, and confident swimmers. For our oldest groups, the instructional swim will include fun activities such as learning lifeguard drills, kayaking and corcl skills, and pool games. Every Friday, the Curiosity Older Camp will enjoy our Fun Friday special events with an afternoon pool party!
    Schedules will differ by group. 8:00am-9:00am Drop Off 9:00 am Morning Welcome 🌞 9:40 am Sports ⚽ 10:20 am Snack 🍎 11:00 am Swim Skills 🏊‍♀️ 11:40 am Outdoor Skills ⛺ 12:20 pm Lunch 🥗 1:00 pm Creative Arts 🎨 1:40 pm Free Swim 💦 2:20 pm Activity of the Week 🎉 3:00 pm Nature & STEAM 🧬 3:40 pm Snack & Wrap-up 🍎 4:00 pm-5:00 pm Pick up
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